Benjarong refers to the traditional form of hand-painted Thai Porcelain. This style of multi-colored and densely painted enamels in mostly symetric patterns on a white porcelain base came to Thailand from the Ming Dynasty in China. In the early 1800’s benjarong, or the gold- gilded variety that came to be known as “Lai Nam Thong”, was made exclusively for the Royal Court.

Later, wealthy merchants and aristocrats began to use benjarong. Modern Thai factory owners and artists have recentlt revived this art, following traditional Thai patterns and shapes. Benjarong is now used by all and is enjoyed for its graceful beauty worldwide. The detail and beauty of benjarong is reflective of the incredible workmanship, artistry and detail in the hand-crafted design.

We at Benjarong Thai Restaurant pay the same kind of attention to the delicate balance and fine flavor of our traditional Thai cuisine.

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